Computers - Inside & Out

I greatly enjoy working with computers. I have fixed many computers in my day, both working on my own and while working at Computers and Beyond. In this class, students were able to get inside a computer, learn about the parts, and put a computer together for themselves.

Whether you have taken this class or not, feel free to use the resources and either refresh your memory or learn about something brand new!


How Computers Work
Dave's Site - Computer Building Checklist
Cheap Computers Guide
PC Mech - Build Your Own PC
DSL - A great, free OS to run on old hardware


Computer Building Instructions - Step-by-step, specific to the computer we built in class (pdf)
Computer Building Instructions - Pictures of almost every step, specific to the computer we built in class (pdf)

If you have any questions regarding the material on this page, please feel free to email me. All of the downloads are materials that were created or complied by me. You may copy and reproduce any or all of the materials as you desire.

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Formative Assessments: