Below are the experiences I have had in teaching, going all the way back to my first experience in college.  It is provided as a reference and as a salute to those teachers that have helped me along the way.  Thank you!!

Professional Educator

August 15, 2011 - Present

Marshall High School: Marshall, MN
Math Teacher
Algebra II, Algebra 1B, Pre-Calc, Algebra IA

I enjoy working with high school students, combining my classroom and online experience to teach about math and life. I am very thankful for all the great people I get to work with everyday! When I learned of the opportunity at Marshall High School, I knew that it was where I should be. I have really focused on creating videos over the topics covered in class for students to use to supplement their in-class learning. I hope to continue at MHS for a long time!

August 1, 2007 - August 14, 2011

BlueSky Online School: West St. Paul, MN
Math Teacher
Pre-Algebra, Game Math, BST Math, Probability & Statistics Applications, High School Algebra, Algebra 2

The opportunity to combine teaching and technology, two of my favorite things, made BlueSky School an excellent fit for me.  BlueSky is on the cutting edge by being a completely online 7-12 school.  Students from all over the state take their classes online and earn their high school diploma.  Making the adjustment to working from home and teaching kids using technology was quite a learning experience.  It's different not being in a classroom with the students.  They do all of their work from their home computers, but I got to know them through lots of emails, instant messaging, and phone calls.  I could work with a student as long as it took to help them understand.  The time I spent working individually with them was not affected by also trying to keep the other students in the room occupied.  They weren't kidding when they said "this will be the hardest job you'll ever have."  It was definitely intense, but also very rewarding.

August 18, 2003 - July 31, 2007

Holy Redeemer School: Marshall, MN
Middle School Teacher
Grade 7 Religion, Grade 7 General Math, Grade 7 & 8 Pre-Algebra & Grade 8 Algebra

HRS was a great place for me to start my career.  I enjoyed working with the junior high age level.  I taught for four years at Holy Redeemer.  I grew as a teacher and left a very different educator than when I started.  I am very thankful for the opportunities I had there to work with so many great people: staff, parents and especially the students.  The part I was probably least prepared for, but I found most rewarding was the opportunity to share my Catholic faith with my students.

College Experiences

November 4 -15, 2002
Parkside Elementary School: Marshall, MN
Student Teaching
Teacher: Steve Fleck
Grade 5

As I started this experience, I wasn’t really sure what elementary had to do with what I would be teaching.  I didn’t know how I would benefit from the experience of being in a fifth grade classroom all day and just teaching math.  I quickly realized how much I could pick up in Mr. Fleck’s classroom.  I couldn’t believe the difference between the fifth and seventh grade students.  What a difference two years makes!  Mr. Fleck really helped solidify my confidence in my skills as a teacher.  This was a great last stop on my way to the ultimate goal of my own classroom.

August 26 - November 1, 2002
Marshall Junior High School: Marshall, MN
Student Teaching
Teacher: Kari Meyer
Grade 7

Going into this experience I wasn’t sure if I would like to teach students at the junior high age level.  However, following my time at the junior high I think this might be my favorite age group to work with!  I think I was a bit naïve going in.  I really didn’t have a very good idea of what goes on in a teacher’s day other than the classroom things.  I also developed a lot as an educator during my time at the junior high.  I asked many questions and really worked on the things that Mrs. Meyer and Dr. Hueber suggested that I work on.  It was a sad day when I finished at the junior high.  I didn’t want to leave!

April 29 & 30, 2002
Marshall Senior High School: Marshall, MN
Secondary Methods: Mathematics
Teacher: Jerry Gallagher
Grades 9-12

This experience was really helpful for me to sit back and focus on the other things that go on in the classroom besides the teacher up front.  I really enjoyed my conversations with Mr. Gallagher as he was very honest and open about what goes on in the classroom.  I think I am as ready as I’m ever going to be to do my student teaching in the fall!

January 3-14, 2002
Lakeview High School: Cottonwood, MN
Pre-Student Teaching
Teacher: Sue Selden
Grades 9-12

I was only supposed to do 10 days, but I went an extra day because I had meetings concerning the Food Service fire almost everyday.  Going into this experience I really questioned my knowledge more than anything.  Coming out I was very much reassured that not only did I know plenty about math, but that I will do just fine as a teacher.  More than anything I learned a lot about the “other” stuff that teachers do at school.  I really enjoyed this experience and hated to see it end.

April 24 & 25, 2001
Yellow Medicine East Junior High: Clarkfield, MN
Teaching & Learning Process
Teacher: Darlys Listul
Grades 7-8

After the two days of teaching, I left feeling great!  I had so much fun with the kids that the thought, “I’m going to get paid for this?” crossed my mind.  I combined math and computers by teaching the kids about binary numbers and first day and then about data storage the second day.  It was great experience for me and I became 100% sure that teaching is absolutely what I want to do.

February 26, 2001
Yellow Medicine East Junior High: Clarkfield, MN
Teaching & Learning Process
Teacher: Darlys Listul
Grades 7-8

In this experience I was more or less a substitute teacher.  I was in a computer lab, so the teacher I worked with stayed close by the whole day in case of problems with the computers.  The students had a long term assignment that they were working on so I did a lot of walking around, helping them individually.  I learned a lot that would help me with the upcoming clinical in April.

Spring 1999
Springfield High School: Springfield, MN
Intro to Education
Teachers: Gene Leopold, Jeff Briard, Paul Arnoldi
Grades 7-12

In this experience, I observed classes that were taught by all three of the teachers in the afternoon for a period of about 8 weeks.  I learned a lot about teaching that I was oblivious to as a student.  At the end, I had the opportunity to teach a class of Geometry.  It was a very good experience, and it helped to solidify my desire to be a teacher.

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