Photo Fun Time

This class is another take on digital photography. It's so cool to be able to snap picture after picture and not have to worry about using up anything but batteries. The materials that follow are step-by-step tutorials working with a number of different websites to do various things with digital photos all for free!

Whether you have taken this class or not, feel free to use the resources and either refresh your memory or learn about something brand new!


Big Huge Labs
SLR Photography Guide - Slow Motion Water - Painting With Light


1.) Photo Basics with Fotoflexer (pdf)
2.) Using the Clone Tool and More (pdf)
3.) More With Fotoflexer and BeFunky (pdf)
4.) Working With Layers (pdf)
5.) Working with Groups of Pictures & More Online Editors (pdf)

Students have done some very cool things with photographs in this class. Here you'll find some of their work.

Examples of student work - Coming Soon

If you have any questions regarding the material on this page, please feel free to email me. All of the downloads are materials that were created or complied by me. You may copy and reproduce any or all of the materials as you desire.

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Formative Assessments: