Programming with Python

There's nothing like working with the code that makes a program or a webpage! Python is a programming language that is often a starting point for young programmers. Programming can be at times frustrating, but it's a great feeling when you run the program and it works exactly how you intended it.

Whether you have taken this class or not, feel free to use the resources and either refresh your memory or learn about something brand new!


Python Programming Language: Official Website
Beginners Guide to Python Programming Non-Programmer's Tutorial for Python (Used in class)
The Baheyeldin Dynasty - Teaching Kids Programming - Make Python script into executable Windows program - Tutorial - Python Game Development - Gamelets


Your First Python Program (pdf)

Students have written some very cool programs. Here you'll find some of their creations.
These are just text files. You'll need Python installed to run them.

Examples of student work - Coming Soon!

If you have any questions regarding the material on this page, please feel free to email me. All of the downloads are materials that were created or complied by me. You may copy and reproduce any or all of the materials as you desire.

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Formative Assessments: