Welcome to The B-Daily! Each day I put everything that you see on each of the pages listed below on the whiteboard in the front of my classroom. The students seem to like it. I hope you enjoy it here online too!

Each day of school there is a new "Thought of the Day", "Bad Joke of the Day", and "Random Fact of the Day".

A note on each of the items:

I hope you like the B-Daily! If you have any thoughts, questions, or comments, please let me know!


16-17 School Year - MHS

15-16 School Year - MHS

14-15 School Year - MHS

13-14 School Year - MHS

12-13 School Year - MHS

11-12 School Year - MHS

10-11 School Year - BlueSky

09-10 School Year - BlueSky

08-09 School Year - BlueSky

07-08 School Year - BlueSky

17-18 School Year

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